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A surprising bathtub! Break the traditional concept of indoor bathtub!
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A bathtub that makes you fall in love at first sight
A surprising bathtub! Break the traditional concept of indoor bathtub! 

What is your first impression when mention the bathtub?
White color? Tile cylinder? Only soaking function?
Today I am going to take you to know a brand new indoor bathtub.
It has the luxurious exterior design of a outdoor spa tub.
The skirt board adopts the waterproof and high temperature resistant SERC acrylic, which is more elegant and durable.
The square design makes the bathtub more spacious.
Compared to most single and two-person bathtubs on the market, this bathtub can accommodate at least three people and has a reclining seat and two seats. It is more suitable for enjoying bath time indoors with family.
It can not only take a bath, but also has massage function with 63 jets, so that your back, legs and feet can be effectively relaxed. 19 of them are jets with led color-changing lights, which can change the color of lights to create a different atmosphere.
The design of the details is also very good. The hand-held shower is a rust-proof and pop-up faucet. When you don’t need to use the shower, you can hide it. It is a thoughtful design for people who like tidy. In addition, the lifting drainer is designed at the bottom of the bathtub, which can be manually turned on or off by the switch, and the water in bathtub can be drained more thoroughly without water accumulation.
Seeing this, do you also want one? You might think that such a bathtub should be expensive?
NO NO NO again!
What surprises you again is that our bathtub is factory direct sales price, the retail price is only USD 1895, our 18 years of production experience, stable quality, this price can be said to be absolutely great value!
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